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Please don’t show this to my boys. Oh forget it, I’ll probably show it to them before you do. (This totally reminds me of Super Off Road, which ate up too many hours of my spare time growing up.)

A few months ago 37signals redesigned Basecamp’s notification emails, and the result was a move from plain-text emails to HTML emails. For reference, these emails are sent when someone posts or replies to any of the content types in the system (messages, to-dos, etc).

I’m generally opposed to…


From its creator, Simurai:

Well, it’s more a CSS experiment that doesn’t use any JavaScript for the animation. Make sure you test it in Safari/Chrome. You can use this theme on your own tumblr blog, but keep its limitations in mind and at the moment it only supports picture posts.

Design + interactivity = +1

Colosseo iPad 16GB Wi-Fi Giveaway

This second contest, much like the first, offers you a chance to win an iPad 16GB Wi-Fi (valued at $499 USD). It requires less cash but more effort.

Contest #2: Win an iPad 16GB

To have a shot at winning, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Using the content publishing method of your choice…

The central theme of Mobile Web Design was carefully and thoughtfully built on the assumption that the browser will always provide the most consistent, reliable medium for users of web content, and the most open and sustainable platform for developers of the same—all thanks to HTML, CSS, and web…